Bloom Fresh

On the Farm

Bloom Fresh is about what is fresh now. We work with growers from just down the road to all over the world to bring some of the freshest products available all year long.

Fresh from the Garden State

Speaking of just down the road and local. We work closely with a 5th generation family farm that provides us with fresh greens, onions and shallots. The commitment of this family shows in not just the quality of the products they grow, but in the care they give to the land and the community where they live.

Following the Bloom to India

Pomegranate arils have become a hot item here in the United States. With their beautiful red color, antioxidant power, and versatile uses based on their sweet powerful taste pomegranates were an obvious choice for our Bloom Fresh family…but why stop there! What was once hidden inside a hard exterior is now easily accessible thanks to our “out of the fruit” thinking.

We are lucky to partner with one of the leading growers from across the world who understands the delicate nature of this delicious fruit. What makes their product top notch starts with the fruit itself. They grow only the best variety of pomegranates which allows for a consistent product 365 days a year, and every one is hand scooped to avoid any damage that caused from machine packed product. They focus on a culture of quality and safety that has earned them top marks in Global Food Safety certifications. If that is not enough, they have a team approach that is marked by a motto of “Joyous Effort & Sharing”, and are a leader in sustainability. They have set a goal to reduce their waste by over 80% by 2015 and are working toward an eco-friendly workplace that will include by-products for fruit waste. Beyond the actual farming and processing operations they are also using the proceeds of the by-product sales to reinvest into their foundation which supports the promotion of education, healthcare, and retirement programs for their workers.