On The Farm

BloomFresh is all about what is FRESH NOW! We work with growers from just down the road to across the globe to bring healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables to your kitchen table.


We partner with an exceptional 4th generation family farm that grows our fresh greens. Dan Graiff Farms is located in Southern New Jersey and packs only the highest quality products. Having done business with them for many years we know their family stands behind every single package… and we do mean their entire family! Dan (brother) manages the growing and production side, Jamie (brother) handles sales and purchasing, Scott (Dan’s son and 5th generation in the business) runs the food safety program, and Doris (mom) runs the office. Although they do source product from across the country based on seasonality, they wash, pack and distribute from their Jersey facility daily to guarantee perfection in every single box they sell. They are truly a premium grower and take care of the land and environment with sustainable crop rotation programs and 100% recyclable packaging.


Pomegranate arils have become a hot item here in the United States. With their beautiful red color, antioxidant power, and versatile uses based on their sweet powerful taste, pomegranates were an obvious choice for our BloomFresh family…but why stop there when we were so close to perfection?!?!

What was once hidden inside a hard exterior is now easily accessible thanks to our “out of the fruit” thinking. We are lucky to partner with one of the leading growers from across the world who understands the delicate nature of this delicious fruit. What makes their product top notch starts with the fruit itself; they grow only the best variety of pomegranates which allows for a consistent product 365 days a year, and each one is hand scooped to avoid any damage that is normally caused from machine packed product. They focus on a culture of quality and safety that has earned them top marks in Global Food Safety certifications. They have a team approach that is marked by a motto of “Joyous Effort & Sharing”, and are a leader in sustainability. Beyond the actual farming and processing operations they are also using the proceeds of the by-product sales to reinvest into their foundation which supports the promotion of education, healthcare, and retirement programs for their workers.


Although it is a short season, some of the sweetest melons come from Costa Rica so that is where we set our sights. We teamed up with one of the top growers of Honey Dew and Watermelon, and from January through April we import some of the sweetest variety melons you will ever taste. A family run farm that proves good things are worth the wait, and they work hard all year long to produce the very best flavors for us to enjoy 3 to 4 months a year. Battling the heavy rainy season and the hot summer sun, years of experience and passion guide them through Mother Nature’s challenges.


Golden West Vegetables is one of the finest growers out west and partnering with them to grow and pack our BloomFresh scallions was an easy decision once we saw the heart and soul they poured into every box. From walking the fields to examine crop progress, to guiding the pickers on exactly how to pull, wrap and pack each bunch, and then coming across the country to watch the finished package arrive at our warehouse, we knew from our very first shipment that their desire for perfection was never a question. The dark green color, the sharp flavor and aroma, and the secret key ingredient in countless recipes…Golden West definitely mastered the perfect scallion for our BloomFresh brand.